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Project results

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The project in a nutshell

CSR2VET – Why | Who | What

In the context of the Erasmus+ program – VET sector – CSR2VET has a priority objective: the promotion of the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in the VET sector, both as an opportunity for dialogue and interaction between the the vocational, education and training sector, the world of business and the civil society, and as an opportunity for the development of new training opportunities. The direct beneficiaries of the project are teachers and educators in the VET sector.


01 | The CSR A-Z Guidebook

The first expected outcome is a Guidebook – CSR A-Z Guidebook – that takes the reader on a journey of discovery of the key concepts of CSR and its application methodologies while looking in particular at opportunities for dialogue, interaction and contamination between society, companies and VET institutions. The document is linked to the online dictionary on the website.

The GuideBook translations

Here are the Guidebook in all the partners’ languages

  1. Swedish
  2. Turkish
  3. Italian
  4. Portuguese
  5. Greek
  6. English

NOTE: avoid printing

The document is created to be used digitally. We encourage you to avoid printing unless you feel it is absolutely necessary. thinkbeforeprinting

02 | The CSR2VET Ambassador course

The second planned outcome is a training course for trainers in the VET sector whose priority objective is the creation of reference professionals within the sector in each of the partner countries. The course is available online and has be designed to be also delivered in presence or in a blended mode. 

The training includes: 

  1. tools for participants to self-assess their training needs. The results of the self-assessment will enable participants to build their own personalized training path by choosing the topics and content of their specific interest.
  2. Content related to the three pillars of CSR: ethical, environmental and economic.
  3. A selection of best practices and strategies for applying the principles within VET institutions.
  4. Tools for evaluation and monitoring.

The course is hosted by Action Synergy as a partner of the project.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at CSR2VET training

Within the scope of CSR2VET project, the CSR & Diversity training held in Ankara, Türkiye between 27th-31st of March 2023 with the attendance of 20 teachers and trainers. The training aimed at to train CSR ambassadors to educate the target group in the partner countries. Specifically, the topics of Interculturality, Concept of CSR and its three pillar, Social, environmental and economic benefits of CSR for enterprises and the VET sector, CSR good practices in relation to its pillars, UN Sustainable Development Goals and their links to CSR were covered during the training and the participants had workshops and activities to gain consciousness in the field of CSR and its implementation to the real life.

Explore the CSR2VET course trailer

On the platform you will find much more: Register Now!

To access the course visit the link and register to the CSR2VET course.

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